Elli Ifigeneia Spiggou

Ellie is an interior designer with a passion for dancing. Started dancing back in 2009 when she decided to observe and try many different styles (modern, musical jazz and some latin and tango argentino). In 2008 she met Elena and Jump n Jive and fell in love with Boogie Woogie, Blues and all the vintage dances. And then, in 2020 covid-19 came, solo dancing became the safest way of expressing feelings and blowing off steam. Shuffle dancing became a passion. The energy required, the sweat, the fast tempos is what made it stuck. What truly inspires her to keep shuffling is the diversity in rythms, music genres and styles. Are you having a pop mood? House? RnB? Electro swing? All she needs is the beat and the feet start moving on their own. Shuffle dancing is a great add to the freestyle of a dancer and she would love to see you incorporating it in your dance (even while your partner is solo jazzing during your Lindy hop )